Blue Wren Etui

Blue Wren Étui

Having made several teaching trips to Australia, I have often heard from my students about the stunning Australian Splendid Fairy Wrens. I had seen photographs, but it was only when I saw the real thing in Tasmania in 2017 that I realised just how beautiful they are. As a result, I couldn’t resist the pleas of my Australian students to adapt the Wren Étui to create a Blue Wren version.

Like the brown wren, this piece functions as a needlework étui, including a hand-engraved silver waxer carried in his back and needlecase wings. The techniques used are inspired by my love of the embroidery of the 17th century whilst also juxtaposing these with new ideas and exciting new materials.

For more information about the Blue Wren Étui, see the kits pages.