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I am a specialist, professional hand embroiderer and designer, with an innate passion for creating individual work, for the study and repair of antique embroideries, and for passing on my skills through teaching.

Since a girl, I have wanted to create beautiful things and to make reality of the stories in my head. Embroidery is a magical medium which allows me to achieve the intensity of depth and diversity of texture I crave. Its mechanical operations are fascinatingly intricate and mesmerically soothing to perform.

I have spent over 20 years studying antique embroideries and perfecting traditional techniques. My joy is now to conjure with these, to create new and exciting combinations, keeping the medium fresh. I love to juxtapose the exacting hand skills of my training against the fluidity of softer sketched grounds created using pencil, brush and machine.

Stories and tales are the spark, drawing the essential foundation, and thread the palette for expression. Ideas are everywhere, I see the world in stitches!

I love the challenge of a commission brief, pushing my palette of techniques to fit the purpose but 

Embroidery should never stand still, it should always look forward, inspired by its heritage.

also to delight and inspire. Embroideries must be able to stand the test of time, both in timeless beautiful design and physical quality and durability.

I have an instinctive need to teach, to pass on my love of this subject, to keep it alive to inspire future generations. In a world of fast-paced living and change, these time-honoured skills are in ever greater need to make us slow down, find our creativity and experience the beauty that results from patience and dedication. When others find pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction through learning embroidery in my classes or through my designs, nothing gives me more pleasure!

Thus, my world is often referred to by those around me as ‘Jennyland’. It is a lovely place where cares are lost and thread, fabric and inspiration meet in joyous abandon. Come and travel into this world with me. And enjoy!


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