Terms and Conditions

VAT on prices:

  • We are obliged to charge VAT at 20% on all products (with the exclusion of books) and on postage/packing, to clients in the UK. 
  • We charge ZERO VAT on ALL international orders.
  • The website detects which country you are in and automatically adds or removes VAT accordingly. When you apply your address at the checkout, the invoice shows the final price you will pay, according to your country of residence. 

VAT and DUTY for EU Clients: 

  • We charge ZERO VAT to all EU clients. 
  • However, VAT (at the rate set by your own country) will be payable in your country prior to receiving the goods. 
  • DUTY may also be payable on any of our products which are not made in the UK/Europe. Please contact us if you are concerned about which items these are. 
  • All mail suppliers will now charge a HANDLING FEE for organising your VAT/DUTY payment. 
  • We use DHL for international orders and they will contact you by text or email and will provide a secure payment link, releasing the parcel once the payment has cleared. 

Sending procedure:

  • We are not a big company like Amazon…thank goodness!
  • Instead we are a very small team of dedicated people who believe in supplying beautiful things to people who will enjoy and treasure them. We also: make the kits, make the products, teach, keep the accounts, make the tea, do the stock-taking etc…and oh yes….embroider 😊. We cannot therefore always send your parcel on the day you order although we will endeavour to send it as quickly as possible.
  • If you need an item speedily or for a certain date, please send an email to that effect when you have checked out and we will do our best to fulfil your requirements, but we cannot always promise to send on the day the order is received.

Shipping methods:

Please read our Shipping and Delivery information.

Returns, refunds and exchanges:

  • We want you to be delighted with your purchase so please do contact us if you have an issue with your order and we will do all we can to solve this for you.
  • We can however only accept returns due to an item supplied being faulty, damaged or mis-described. We do not accept returns due to cancellation or change of heart.
  • Please always get in touch with us first before returning an item so that we have agreed to its return and can expect the delivery.
  • Items may only be returned within 14 days of receipt.
  • Items must be returned in original condition and original packaging and must be packaged securely to avoid damage during return.
  • Items must be returned using the same method of postage used to dispatch, i.e. items sent by tracked post must be returned using the same levels of insurance and tracking. Please always obtain a proof of posting. Please seek our advice if you are unsure how best to return your parcel.
  • A refund will be issued only on safe receipt of the returned item in its original saleable condition.
  • Postage will be refunded only where the item is faulty, damaged or not as described.

Packaging and environmental policy:

  • Wherever possible, we will re-use old packaging rather than employing shiny new packaging. It may be less beautiful, but much kinder to the environment.
  • We encourage you not to dispose of your packaging on receipt of your parcel but instead to use it again.
  • We use recyclable cardboard and paper postage packaging and paper parcel tape. 
  • Wherever possible, we use biodegradable sealable bags to package kit contents. This is stated on these bags. These will biodegrade in minimal time to carbon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals.
  • These are currently unavailable in the small sizes required to safely and effectively package tiny kit components. All non-biodegradable sealable bags are recyclable and reusable.
  • Wherever possible, our products are packaged in biodegradable clear cellulose packets made in the UK from renewable wood pulp, which are both biodegradable and compostable. If you don’t wish to re-use your packet, you can place it in your compost or food waste bin at home.
  • Our card packaging toppers are made in the UK from recycled post-consumer waste and are recyclable.
  • Our international orders sent by DHL use digitally submitted customs forms, cutting down hugely on printing and labelling.

Customs declaration of value re sending parcels outside the EU:

  • We must quote the full value of your goods on the customs declaration when sending parcels outside the UK.
  • If your country has a threshold for customs charges and you would like to advise us of this when ordering, we can aim to split your parcel/s to keep the value under this threshold if require.
  • We hold no responsibility for expected or unexpected customs charges made on parcels being delivered outside of the UK. These charges are the full responsibility of the receiver and goods cannot be returned as a result of duty charges. 


  • The concept, design and manufacturing methods of all hand-made items shown on the webshop remain the copyright of Jenny Adin-Christie, or of the individual maker, and must not be copied in any form, or sold elsewhere without written permission.
  • The copyright of all designs, kits, instructions and techniques expressed within kits, remain the intellectual property of Jenny Adin-Christie.
  • Kit designs and instructions cannot be copied, sold, taught or exhibited without the prior permission of Jenny Adin-Christie.
  • All kit designs exhibited must state Jenny Adin-Christie as the designer.
  • Kit designs, techniques and contents cannot be posted on social media/blogs without acknowledgement of the designer Jenny Adin-Christie.
  • Posting images of the stages of working a kit design, or its instruction, on social media or blogs, is an infringement of copyright.
  • All images on the website are under copyright and must not be copied or printed in any form.
  • All commission designs pictured remain the intellectual property of Jenny Adin-Christie, or the commissioning body or individual stated and cannot be copied in any form.


  • We cannot supply beeswax to Australia or New Zealand. This will therefore be removed from your kit before sending despite it being included in the kit contents.

Colour accuracy:

  • We aim to depict colours and textures as accurately as possible on our website.
  • However, colours naturally vary between different computer screens and between web images and reality.
  • If an exact colour match is required, please request a sample and ask to reserve the amount you require to complete a project.

Variation of kit materials:

  • We reserve the right to substitute materials/colours of materials in kits for an alternative of equivalent quality if required, due to issues with supply from manufacturers.
  • Since many materials are made by hand or machine and specifically for us in small batches, natural discrepancies of colour and texture are to be expected.

Tarnish of metal embroidery threads:

  • Metallic threads: these are packaged in acid-free bags and with anti-tarnish tabs, to assist resistance to tarnish. However, exposure to extremes of temperature, humidity, handling and storage over time, can cause the threads to tarnish. We hold no responsibility for this process and will not replace these threads.
  • On completion of a metal thread embroidery design, threads may tarnish over time due to contact with the skin and exposure to air during the embroidery process. This is an inevitable part of working with metal threads. The degree to which is occurs is dependent on many factors, such as an individual’s skin acidity and the environment in which the piece is worked and stored. Hands should be washed regularly when working with metal threads.
  • A design should be covered with a suitable protective material such as acid-free tissue or Tyvek during work and storage and should not be exposed to extremes of temperature or humidity. We hold no responsibility for embroidered pieces tarnishing.
  • Completed goldwork can be cleaned with great care using a gold or silver cleaning cloth, before framing. Please seek our advice before attempting to clean a piece of metal thread embroidery. We hold no responsibility for pieces cleaned without advice or damage resulting from non-professional cleaning.
  • We will willingly replace any item you find to be missing from your embroidery kit.
  • If you lose or damage any kit item, or wish to re-work an area you are not happy with, we will willingly replace or supply more for you but there will be a fee to supply and post these items.

Hand-made items:

  • Please be aware that hand-made items may vary from those pictured due to the inherent nature of the processes used to create them.
  • Wooden items will each vary from those pictured due to the inherent characteristics of natural wood.