Cohana-Seki Mini Scissors



These irresistible mini-scissors were created by ‘Hasegawa Cutlery’, a craft manufacturer of edged tools established in 1933 and located in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan’s foremost cutlery-making town. You can cut with these scissors by gripping them with your fingers and pinching lightly.
Despite their small size, these cute mini-scissors have great cutting ability.

The small silk tassels are carefully handmade by ‘Imasato’, a specialist in tassels and knots founded in 1907 and located in Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture. For over 100 years, Imasato has been making tassels for Yame Chochin paper lanterns, which are a traditional Japanese handicraft.

The cases for these scissors are made from high-quality, genuine leather.

Available in a choice of 3 tassel colours.

  1. Duck Egg
  2. Yellow
  3. Pink

Additional information

Weight 19.1 g
Dimensions N/A



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