House of Embroidery No 12 Perle Thread – Orange Tones



These stunning twisted cotton perle threads are created by House of Embroidery in South Africa. They have a wonderful lustre and are hand-dyed in a sumptuous range of colours. The dye colours change fairly rapidly but not overly dramatically along the length of the thread, thereby producing wonderfully soft, natural shading as you stitch. I love this weight of thread for surface embroidery (all stitches) and it is wonderful for needlelace. For example, it is  used to produce the needlelace across the back of the Wren Étui.

The thread is sold in 20m twists.

Please note that the True Colour of the thread may differ slightly from displayed images due to differences in calibration and computer models.

Colours on offer are:

1. Blossom P12A 10. Antiquity P44C 19. Papaver P75A
2. Blossom P12B 11. Sri Lanka P51A 20. Papaver P75C
3. Mango P24C 12. Sri Lanka P51C 21. Nasturtium P76A
4. Coppertone 37A 13. Cloves P55C  22. Tropicana P85B
5. Coppertone 37B 14. Harvest P64C 23. Tropicana P85C
6. Coppertone 37C 15. Maple P65A 24. Good on Black P89B
7. Flame P43B 16. Maple P65C 25. Marigold P90C
8. Antiquity P44A 17. Strelitzia P68A
9. Antiquity P44B 18. Strelitzia P68C


As a fair-trade company, House of Embroidery prides itself on the sustained empowerment of previously unskilled South Africans. Most of the team are women, many of whom had no prior employment. The majority are currently the main breadwinners in their respective families.

Additional information

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Blossom P12A, Blossom P12B, Mango P24C, Coppertone P37A, Coppertone P37B, Coppertone P37C, Flame P43B, Antiquity P44A, Antiquity P44B, Antiquity P44C, Sri Lanka P51A, Sri Lanka P51C, Cloves P55C, Harvest P64C, Maple P65A, Maple P65C, Strelitzia P68A, Strelitzia P68C, Papaver P75A, Papaver P75C, Nasturtium P76A, Tropicana P85B, Tropicana P85C, Good on Black P89B, Marigold P90C






Cared for correctly, these products are colour-fast & light-fast.

Whilst every care is taken to remove any excess dye from our fibres, red or dark colours should always be tested before stitching.

Pull a sheet of white paper towel or cloth along a moistened length of thread. Alternatively, press the thread between the folds of a cloth with a steam iron. If any colour shows on the cloth, rinse the thread several times in cool water until all excess colour is removed. Air dry thread out of direct sunlight before using.

Cleaning your finished product:

We recommend the use of a 100% pure soap and hand washing your finished  products with cold or lukewarm water.

Wet your product, rub soap on to your embroidered work, leave for a few minutes. Rinse with plenty of  cold or lukewarm water. Place on a towel face down and press gently. Air dry out of direct sunlight.



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