Tiny Sparkling Sequins – Cream, Gold, Silver, Copper & Bronze


Sparkling sequins in metallic colours


A collection of beautifully tiny sequins to add a little sparkle to your designs.

Each bag holds a minimum of 3.5 grams

To get a closeup of the sequins, either click on the magnifying glass on the main picture, which will take you to a gallery of them all, or click on the individual name below.

Offered in:

  1. Iridescent Cream – 3mm
  2. Metallic Gold – 2mm
  3. Metallic Gold – 2.5mm
  4. Metallic Gold – 3mm
  5. Satin Gold – 2mm
  6. Satin Gold – 3mm
  7. Hologram Gold – 3mm
  8. Metallic Gold Flower – 3mm
  9. Metallic Silver – 2mm
  10. Metallic Silver – 2.5mm 
  11. Metallic Silver – 3mm
  12. Satin Silver – 3mm
  13. Hologram Silver – 3mm
  14. Metallic Silver Flower – 3mm
  15. Satin Gunmetal – 3mm
  16. Metallic Copper – 3mm
  17. Metallic Bronze – 2.5mm
  18. Satin Bronze – 3mm

Other colours selections are available – White, Translucent, Black and Mixed: Blues & Greens: Pink, Red & Orange: Purple, Cerise & Lilac.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Iridescent Cream, Metallic Gold, Satin Gold, Hologram Gold, Metallic Gold Flower, Metallic Silver, Satin Silver, Hologram Silver, Metallic Silver Flower, Satin Gunmetal, Metallic Copper, Metallic Bronze, Satin Bronze


2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm flat round


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