Anti-tarnish Bags



These are a superb way of storing your precious metal threads to prevent tarnish. Non-abrasive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, they will prevent tarnish for up to 3 years. They use ‘Lucent Technologies’; patented polymers which react with, and permanently neutralise, the atmospheric gases which cause tarnish. They do not contain charcoals, oils or volatile corrosion inhibitors, and do not leave deposits on your threads. They are temperature and humidity independent and break down to a polymer dust in landfill. The copper side of the bag turns black to indicate the need to replace. I have found these to be the best way to store my metal threads over long periods. (The threads must be clean with minimal handling before storage).

Small x 10 bags, storage area 7.7 cm x 7.5 cm

Large x 10 bags, storage area 15.2 cm x 9.8 cm


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Large x 10, Small x 10


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