Jenny Adin-Christie Notebook


A gorgeous notebook to capture your thoughts, ideas and inspiration….with some help from Jenny on the way.

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This is a very special book to me, designed as a little pathway into the world of ‘Jennyland’. It captures photographs of some of my key pieces of embroidery, together with a text to explain my work and the philosophy behind it.

This also serves as a sketch book with 26 pages with pale lines and 30 plain pages of high quality drawing paper. These are interspersed with sheets  of embroidery-themed patterns and magical quotes which have always inspired me, and which I hope will inspire you too.

The heavy card cover includes the quote ‘Isn’t it true, what small can do, with a thread and a thought and a stitch or two?’ from the folk song ‘A Stitch in Time’ by Mike Waterson ….a cautionary tale of why we should all learn to stitch and how powerful a skill it can be!

Because every embroiderer loves a lovely sticker….the book ends with a set of 12 gorgeous stickers, their designs based on those of antique thread reel labels (with which I am endlessly fascinated), with lovely stitch-related quotes.

I hope you will enjoy purchasing this book just to enjoy, but also to fill with your own notes and doodles to inspire your stitch projects.

Book designed by Kate and Jay of LEAFF Design and photography by Amanda Jackson Photography

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Dimensions 21 × 15.5 × 2.5 cm


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