Superfine Japanese Metallic Stitching Tapes



These exquisite superfine Japanese  threads are another favourite new acquisition. They are coated in a very fine layer of real metal and thus have a delicious, sparkling sheen. They are soft, strong and being extremely fine, they stitch effectively directly through the fabric using a no. 26 chenille needle. They can therefore be used to work many surface embroidery stitches, giving them a delicate twinkling quality.

Use them with a laying tool such as a mellor or aficot to encourage them to sit flat and slide smoothly through the fabric. They can also be used for pleating in the same manner as rolled metal ‘plate’ but are much softer and therefore easier to handle. I have used them in the ferns in my Gawthorpe Needlecase.

The tapes come in 25m lengths.

For a closer look at the tapes, either click on the magnifying glass on the main picture, which will take you to a gallery of all the colours, or click on an individual name below.  The first 11 are new colours for 2020.

  1. Black fleck metallic
  2. Purple metallic
  3. Emerald metallic
  4. Green-gold fleck
  5. Pale blue metallic
  6. Red fleck matt
  7. Orange metallic
  8. Gold fleck metallic
  9. Shimmering gold/silver
  10. Silver fleck
  11. Shimmering gold (50m)
  12. Rose gold
  13. Rich gold
  14. Yellow gold
  15. Pale gold
  16. Red gold
  17. Deep Red Gold
  18. Very Pale Gold
  19. Mid Gold
  20. Silver





Additional information

Weight 4.3 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 3 × 0.4 cm

1. Black fleck metallic, 2. Aubergine metallic, 3. Emerald metallic, 4. Green-gold fleck, 5. Pale Blue metallic, 6.Red fleck matt, 7. Orange metallic, 8. Gold fleck metallic, 9. Shimmering gold/silver, 10. Silver fleck, 11. Shimmering Gold, 12. Rose gold, 13. Rich gold, 14. Yellow gold, 15. Pale gold, 16. Red gold, 17. Deep red gold, 18. Very pale gold, 19. Mid gold, 20. Silver


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