Acrylic Pricker



These are an essential item for the embroiderer’s workbox. The vice holds a needle securely for working a ‘pricking’, i.e. the traditional method by which a design can be transferred to fabric, by drawing and then piercing with repeated tiny holes along the design lines, before rubbing through ‘pounce’ to transfer the pattern. Also used by lacemakers to crate their pricked designs.

These were designed by my Father to reflect the design of his stilettos. They are made completely by hand by silversmith and clockmaker Adam Mills.  The hand-made mild steel collet (with turned stainless steel closing nut) will hold needles as fine as a no. 12 embroidery, up to a no. 8 embroidery. The triangular handle with softened corners, and length designed to rest into the hand, makes the tool comfortable to use, even over long periods.

Available in a choice of jewel-like coloured acrylics as shown:

‘Amber’ acrylic

‘Fuchsia’ acrylic

‘Emerald’ acrylic

‘Sapphire’ acrylic

Also available in Natural Hardwood with a waxed finish. (Please note that woods will vary.)

Additional information

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 cm

Amber Acrylic, Fuchsia Acrylic, Emerald Acrylic, Sapphire Acrylic


amber, fuchsia, emerald, sapphire


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