Superfine Pens


Perfect pens for transferring patterns on to the finest of fabrics.


These pens are a fabulous discovery. It can be very difficult to find efficient pens for drawing on to fabric, especially for very fine work, and yet these pens fulfil this role beautifully.

They have super fine tips and draw cleanly, delicately and crisply on to many fabrics without bleeding. They are fadeproof so will not fade away as you work. They are waterproof so can be safely used for a design which will be washed on completion (such as whitework) without fear of bleeding into the stitching.

I love the light grey and dark grey shades for superbly delicate lines for fine whitework embroidery on linen. It is necessary to cover the lines during stitching due to the permanent nature of the pen, but this is far safer than using a washable pen whose wash-out properties can be temperamental.

The pens also work well on fine silk and silk organza and other fabrics and the black pens work well on darker shades.

The photograph shows how fabric can be held taut in an inverted embroidery hoop whilst tracing the design. Your design will often be visible through a fine fabric without a light source, but if not, a light box or other light source beneath will assist, as will working against a window.

Always test pens on a scrap of your chosen fabric before drawing on a large design. 


  • Pale Grey 0.1
  • Dark Grey 0.1
  • Sepia 0.1
  • Black superfine 0.05
  • Black 0.1
  • Black 0.2
  • Black 0.3

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, Dark grey, Light grey, Sepia


0.1mm, 0.05mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm


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