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Superfine Iridescent Japanese Metallic Threads



These are some of the most beautifully sleek and sophisticated superfine metallic threads I have managed to find and I use them extensively in my work. They are beautiful quality and stitch well directly in the needle for adding delicate sparkling highlights to many stitches, for blending into silk shading, and for fine satin stitch etc. I used them to create the darned net patterns on my fish in the Gawthorpe Needlecase and for the delicate background feathers on my Peacock Étui.

Use in a no. 10 embroidery or no. 26 chenille needle for surface stitch, or in a no. 26 tapestry needle for counted work. Knotting/hitching the thread on to the needle is a useful way to prevent the thread slipping out during stitching.

To manage the hank of thread effectively, I recommend unwinding the twisted skein, tying with ribbon at one looped end, cutting the other and then plaiting loosely, before tying ribbon around the cut end also. Threads can then be withdrawn from the looped end without undoing the plait.

1 skein contains 100m


  1. Iridescent Silver
  2. Gold Beetle Wing
  3. Silvered Rainbow
  4. Pale Gold Shimmer
  5. Chocolate
  6. Deep Jade
  7. Pearlescent Green
  8. Fiery Gold
  9. Iridescent Olive
  10. Pearlescent Purple
  11. Shimmering Ivory
  12. Pearly Peach
  13. Spearmint
  14. Sparkling Salmon
  15. Pearlescent Lilac
  16. Pale Lime Shimmer
  17. Aquamarine

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Iridescent Silver, Gold Beetle Wing, Silvered Rainbow, Pale Gold Shimmer, Chocolate, Deep Jade, Pearlescent Green, Fiery Gold, Iridescent Olive, Pearlescent Purple, Shimmering Ivory, Pearly Peach, Spearmint, Sparkling Salmon, Pearlescent Lilac, Pale Lime Shimmer, Aquamarine


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