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Designed and made with love by my Uncle Rowl, cabinet-maker, these beautiful, traditional slate frames are the best way to ensure drum-tight tension over your working fabric for all types of embroidery. I would advise that if you can, and if the scale of the piece warrants the effort, you should always use a slate frame. For the hours you will put into a piece of hand embroidery, it is definitely worth it and you will enjoy working the piece much more.

Hand-crafted from finest quality Polimier Beech, finished with two layers of hard-wearing satin lacquer, slate frames come with strong cotton webbing attached with stainless steel staples, and stainless steel split pins with rubber protector caps. These frames are designed to last for a lifetime of stitching. All sizes of frames are sturdily made to avoid warping under tension.

Frame sizes refer to the length of webbing on the rollers of the frame, and therefore the maximum width of fabric you can attach to the frame. For example: a 15” (38cm) slate frame will allow you to work with a 15” (38cm) width of fabric, allowing a maximum design size of approximately 12” (30cm), with a border of spare fabric of 1.5” (3.8cm) at each side.

Frames are available in: 8” (20cm), 10” (25cm), 12”(30cm)15”(38cm)18”(45cm) and 24”(60cm) Small slate frames (8” to max 15”) can be effectively supported for hands-free stitching, using a ‘Lowery Workstand’.

Larger slate frames will require use of traditional trestles which can be made to order; please enquire for further details. Bespoke frames can be made to order; please enquire for further details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when purchasing 18″ and 24″ slate frames OUTSIDE THE UK, the automated postal calculation will appear very high at the checkout. Please go ahead with your purchase and we will source the best possible courier rate for you and will refund the difference.  


  • 8” (20cm) frame: webbing 20cm, rollers & arms 32.7cm
  • 10” (25cm) frame: webbing 25cm, rollers & arms 38.2cm
  • 12” (30cm) frame: webbing 30cm, rollers & arms 43.5cm
  • 15” (38cm) frame: webbing 38cm, rollers & arms 52.5cm
  • 18” (46cm) frame: webbing 46cm, rollers and arms 62.5cm
  • 24” (61cm) frame: webbing 61cm, rollers and arms 78.5cm

Other useful items with the slate frame – nylon cordpacking needleCoats Duet thread


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