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Acrylic Aficots



This beautiful tool was originally based on a lobster claw, used in lacemaking to smooth and polish threads. However, an aficot serves as a perfect laying tool for embroidery. Its superbly smooth surface and rounded fine tip allows you to glide threads, even tricky ones such as untwisted silk floss, into place without snagging and twisting. The rounded end fits snugly in the palm of your hand to ensure control and comfort in use.

Designed and made in the depths of Cornwall by my talented cabinet-maker, Peter Blomfield.

These aficots are made in particularly special materials and supply is limited.

  1. Horn (synthetic acrylic)
  2. Tortoiseshell (synthetic acrylic)
  3. Ivory (synthetic acrylic)

Wooden aficots are also available.

The images shown provide as accurate impression as possible of the colour and texture of the materials from which these items are made. However please be aware that each item will be unique in its grain and patterning.


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