Wooden Bead and Purl Cutting Tray, with Magnets (Large)

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Made to my design, these are an invaluable needlework accessory. They have a magnet set into the base and a removable linking magnet to place behind your work, allowing you to attach the tray securely to the taut fabric in your hoop or frame. Lined with high quality, low pile velvet in a choice of colours, they allow you to retain beads or purl close to your working area. The velvet surface also helps to grip and control the purl for accurate cutting.

Diameter 12cm, depth 1.5cm

Choose from:

  1. Raspberry
  2. Deep Red
  3. Duck Egg
  4. Olive

The images shown provide as accurate an impression as possible of the colour and texture of the wood/s from which these items are made. However, please be aware that each item will be unique in its grain and patterning.

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1.5 cm
Velvet Colour

Deep Red, Raspberry, Duck Egg, Olive

1 review for Wooden Bead and Purl Cutting Tray, with Magnets (Large)

  1. Mary Corbet

    Love this larger tray! I’ve been using mine ever since it arrived – perfect for beading and for chip work with metal threads. I love the magnetic back for working on larger projects on a frame, but I also appreciate the fact that the magnet is flush with the base of the piece, so that you can easily use it on a table, too, without the magnetic function. Lovely piece of woodwork in a very handy tool!

    • Jenny-Adin-Christie

      Thank you so much for the excellent feedback Mary, very much appreciated xx

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