Ultra-fine 100% Silk Chenille – Yellow and Brown



These threads are one of my favourite discoveries. I have always admired the ribbon work of the Victorian period and earlier, which frequently includes work stitched directly through the fabric using pure silk chenille, but I had struggled to find a chenille fine enough to thread into a needle and which did not shred as it passed through the base fabric. This chenille solves both these problems; it has a lovely dense pile and does not shred when used in a normal stitching length. It stitches well in a no.22 chenille needle.

The silk is hand-dyed specially for me in Kyoto. Each pack contains 4m of silk chenille.

Yellow Colour options:

  1.  Harvest
  2. Canary
  3. Buttermilk
  4. Butter
  5. Sunshine
  6. Golden Yellow
  7. Thatch
  8. Acorn
  9. Nut Brown

Additional information

Weight 1.42 g
Dimensions 22 × 0.5 × 0.4 cm

1. Harvest 612, 2. Canary 726, 3. Buttermilk 3823, 4. Butter 3822, 5. Sunshine 3821, 6. Golden Yellow 3852, 7. Thatch 829, 8. Acorn 435, 9. Nut Brown 434


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